One interface to program them all

Advanced Conversion/Generation of programs for Legacy and Current PLC, DCS, RTU and other Automation Platforms


No one can do what Engicode Does?

Generate New Programs or Convert from Legacy Platforms, using a common language and IEC Style Graphical Editors


Every PLC Program Needs Drawings

Engicode supports the Engidraw addin, allowing automatic generation of IO, Loop Cabinet and Termination Drawings based on your drawing standards.

How's that for Value!!

EngiCode is positioned to decode!

Current issues are

Improving an Outdated Cycle

It takes 100s of hours to write these PLC programs manually (always done per project or feature).

Engineering the Problem

Programs contain highly repeatable/similar code that can be automated.

Uncomplicate Project Bids

Converting from one PLC language to another is very time consuming & error prone.

Investing in a Struggle Free Future

Every Vendor has its own programming interface, that is always being updated, staying knowledgeable with them all is impossible and expensive.

Code and Convert Faster

–┬áRecode is the ONLY multi-platform PLC/DCS/RTU Programming Converter and Generator on the Market

– Convert Legacy programs in minutes into a common language editor

– Compile and export programs to almost any current controller format

– ReCode builds 100s/1000s of drawings in mass, not 1 at a time!

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Generate New Programs in a fraction of the time

Using Logic Templates and Vendor-Specific Wizards, create programs in minutes compared to 100's of hours it normally takes

Covert From Legacy Platforms

Convert from many legacy Ladder based Platforms into our common language, edit and transform to IEC logic such as Ladder, Function and Structured Text.

Export your Program to Any Platform

Once the Program has been written and there are no compile errors, simply select the export to publish your program in the selected Export Format.

Add Automatic Drawing Generation

Every PLC program usually needs Drawings for IO Cards, Loop Schematics, Cabinet and termination Layouts done. With Engicode, you can use the Engidraw addin functionally to automatically generate your selected drawings with every program.

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